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We know that during this Covid-19 , some of the existing businesses are affected and suffered loss in revenue. At TASK, we are here to help both new business owners and existing business owners. During this period, a lot of people are taking this opportunity to start their business.

According to Singapore statistics, the number of new incorporated businesses has not drop since the start of Covid-19.


As someone new to the industry, they might be lost and would like to kick start their venture at the soonest. We are offering a free mentorship programme to current business owners at no cost.

As this programme is only exclusive to TASK client, what you need to do is just switch one of your business compliance to us. If you can prove that the service that you have is cheaper, we will try to do price match. If our charges are cheaper, we will give you our price instead of what you are paying. In this way, you will have already save some cost.


Put examples of questions that can be asked
1) where can I get supplies?
2) what licenses are required?
3) is location a important factor to your business?
4) how do you get clients when you first start off this business?
5) do I need huge capital to start this business well?
As we have international clients, you can approach one of them about business in overseas. Do take that that if the question is relating to your trade secret, existing business owners have the right not to disclose.
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