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THURSDAY , 26 FEB 2016

10 Great Reasons to Start a Business in 2016

According to a LinkedIn survey conducted in 2013, small and medium businesses contribute $5.5 trillion in annual revenue to the revenue of United States with over $1 million small and medium businesses in North America using social media. Also, 3 out of 5 SMBs said that social media helped them gain new customers. 

With more and more people joining various social media networks, it’s a great tool to use for starting a business. If the statistics are not enough to convince you and you are still rethinking this idea, here are 10 more great reasons to start a business this year. 

1. You have identified a need or a problem.

The business you wish to start may be what the world needs. Therefore, don't underestimate what it can provide to your customers and the impact it can have on the community and society. Most entrepreneurs are motivated of their desire to change the world. While your business may not exactly change it in a major way, the fact that it will be existent to solve a problem and to make people's lives better is already your own way of contributing to the world.

2. A business is one way to have job security 

If you've ever experienced being laid off, fired, or downsized, you'll have an idea how scary it can be to lose your job and not now when you'll land one again. If you start a business, you're secured since you are the boss. You're the one who has control over everything so you don't have fears of being let go. For as long as you can keep your customers happy, your business will stay. Not only that; you'll also be financially independent.

3. You can make use of your network. 

Your circle of friend, family, relatives, and even acquaintances can be your first customers. The moment you become a business owner, they'll be with you as you take on one of the most challenging journeys of your life. They're the perfect people to support you as you grow to be an experienced entrepreneur.

4. You can take advantage of government grants for entrepreneurs.

The Singapore government and its associated agencies can provide you with a grant to help support you as you start your business. The grant can help you to grow your business quickly without worrying about where to get the cash.

5. It's a great way to start building your legacy.

What do you want to leave behind to the people you love? Maybe it's a house or a fat bank account. But more than material possessions, you want to leave them something that you've put all of your heart on - your business. Also, as you become an expert in your field, you will talk to a lot of people and maybe even teach some of them. Helping those who are just starting out reach their goals will give you unmatched satisfaction. The lessons you've thought them will be remembered even after you've left the earth. And nothing can match that kind of legacy.

6. It helps you chase your dreams and passion.

Working a day job may help you reach your dreams after couple of years. However, if you want to get there faster, the best way to do it is to start a business. Additionally, if you're someone who is naturally passionate about entrepreneurship, having your own business is a great way to develop your skills while doing something you really love. Furthermore, you can delegate those tasks you don't wish to handle yourself to people you trust in your team. This way, you can focus on the areas which are important to you.

7. It's a way to make your spare time after work count.

If you're thinking of a profitable way to spend your spare time, a business is the answer. While some people relax and pursue their hobbies (which is nice and good for them), you can spend it doing something that you enjoy while earning money at the same time - starting a business.

8. You have more control in a proposal or business strategy.

If you've worked for a horrible boss who won't even listen to what you have to say (and he or she may not even remember your name), starting your own business is the best way to be the kind of boss people would love to work for. Also, since you're the boss already you get the chance to implement any business strategy you have in mind. You also have control over the business proposals. What could be better than that? 

9. You have flexible time.

If you want to go on vacation, attend to your family or kid, be at your doctor's office for an appointment, or just stay at home to catch up on sleep, you have flexibility to do it all when you're a business owner.

10. It's a personal fulfillment.

Building your own business allows you to feel satisfaction over time. It makes you realize how you were able to surpass all challenges that come with starting a business, making you feel proud of your efforts and hard work. Nothing beats thatfeeling you'll have when you see something you started grow each day and started impacting people’s lives. 


TUESDAY , 19 Jan 2016

What Are the Dangers of Inaccurate Financial Reporting IN SME companies?

The bad numbers that are the result of inaccurate financial reporting lead to bad decision-making. For many small businesses that are too small to hire a full-time accountant, inaccurate reporting may be difficult to ferret out. The owner may accept the reports on face value, which will distort his ability to track income and expenses as well as to budget accurately. Miscalculating profit is detrimental whether the number is too low or too high. If profit is reported too low, it will result in the company being undervalued. If profit is reported too high, the consequence will be high tax liability.


THURSDAY , 10 Dec 2015

Our company wishes our customers and everyone a early merry Christmas. Thanks for supporting us. We have added snow effect on our site. 
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Singapore is building the world's first Smart Nation, using technology to improve the quality of life .


Singapore is building the world's first Smart Nation, using technology to enhance citizen-centric services to improve the quality of life for individuals and business productivity for enterprises. This will be reinforced with the enablement of hyper-connectivity and increased use of data.

In a Smart Nation, companies will also have new and more opportunities to be more productive, expand and grow.

SMEs will play a key role in joint development and delivery of these services to citizens and communities. SMEs can apply for schemes such as IRAS’ Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) or find out other government assistance and grant on EnterpriseOne Portal.


WEDNESDAY, 17 Sep 2015

Singapore has ranked number 1 in doing and rank 6 for setting up business with ease. What are you waiting for?

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Setup a company and strive for the promising SME 500 awards.

Guide on how to set up business in Singapore. for more information on in-corp.. Visit for incorporation , grant services and others.

About The Awards

The Promising SME 500 Campaign was spearheaded to recognize the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore, highlighting their commercial success and also recognizing their contributions to the economy and the community at large. This campaign also serves as a platform to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to likewise pursue their dreams and ultimately to create a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our nation.


MONDAY, 13 JULY 2015

Be your own boss. Even big4 employees turning to entrepreneur.

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Careers of fathers and sons rarely move in tandem. Rare, therefore, is Mumbai's Purandare family where father Jairaj and son Varun have both hit the entrepreneurial track at the same time. Varun, a 25-year old Yale graduate, is busy with his tech startup out of San Francisco in the US, having quit his job with management consultants Booz.

In India, Varun's dad has turned entrepreneur in his mid-fifties, opting out of a career with large global audit and advisory firms. This story is abo ..


A lot of people have good business ideas that they plan on executing, but they make these plans conditional on some catalytic event, ie a perfect time to make this happen. In reality, there is no perfect time to do things. That’ why you should be proactive. Be a doer, not a dreamer.
1.Don’t be stuck in a comfortable routine
Many people get caught in their own routine. They get up in the morning, drive to work, return home in the evening, have dinner, watch TV, and go to sleep. They repeat this process every day, comfortable with the routine — and the check they receive every other week.
This sort of mentality is counterproductive to advancing in life. And isn’t exciting either. You should always look for ways to improve your life, replace your comfortable routine with something exciting. Starting your own business is a way to go.

2. Always search for new business opportunities
A lot of people have good business ideas that they plan on executing, but they make these plans conditional on some catalytic event, ie a perfect time to make this happen. In reality, there is no perfect time to do things. That’ why you should be proactive. Be a doer, not a dreamer.
4. Do whatever it takes
Don’t let small roadblocks stop you.Stick with the business idea, and execute. Take the steps that will turn your idea into a real business. That’s all that matters in the end — but it isn’t easy. It takes patience, persistence and discipline to stay focused — patience to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your goal; persistence to overcome the failures, setbacks, and temptations that may take you off course; and discipline to play the game right.

5. Have the right reasons to start a business
There is a misconception that business owners make more money and work less than people who work for somebody else. That’s not true, at least in the beginning.  Besides, these are the wrong reasons to go into business. The right reason is to develop a product or a service that make a difference in people’s lives, as Steve JobsBill Gates and many other celebrated entrepreneurs did in the past. And most important of all, you should enjoy what you are doing.

6. Be self-motivated
When you are a worker, somebody else—your boss — has defined the work to be done. That person tells you what to do and when to do it, and keeps up with deadlines. When you are the boss, you must do all these things. That’s why you should be self-motivated, know what you are doing, be punctual, and work out all the details.

7. Get in the right psychological state

Put yourself through a ruthless psychological test to discover your inner deficiencies, and do what you must to get rid of them before they pollute your relations with partners, associates and subordinates. True leadership begins within, as I discuss in an upcoming book The Ten Golden Rules Of Leadership which I co-authored with Mike Soupios.